About Us

Throughout the last decade, PONOVO POWER CO., LTD (previously known as Power Advanced Co., LTD) has been focusing on providing professional solutions to over 5000 clients in the fields of intelligent testing and power quality control.


2001: Foundation of PONOVO POWER CO., LTD

2001: Launch of PWA, the relay test system with in-built output monitoring and recording function

2002: Launch of PW466A, the relay test system with 6 currents and 6 voltages

2003: Launch of PH01, the testing set for Traveling Wave Fault Locater

2004: Launch of PWS, the relay test system for subway used protective relays

2005: Launch of PWF, the relay test system for digital substation with IEC61850 protocol

2005: Launch of e40, the software for automatic test and management

2006: Launch of the relay test system for serial compensation system used relays

2007: Launch of PM605A, the universal calibrator and test system

2008: Launch of T200A, the single phase universal tester which can provide 120s output time at 250A

2008: Launch of MR1200, the portable disturbance recorder with in-built oscilloscope function

2008: Launch of Power Test relay test software

2009: Launch of the relay test system for 500KV DC converting station test application

2009: Launch of L336i, the compact relay test system with 6 currents and 4 voltages and has a weight of 8.8kg

2009: Launch of PCT100i, the CT/PT tester with a weight of 11kg

2009: Launch of HB-6000, the online DGA (dissolved gas analyzer) system for transformer

2009: Launch of PF3000, the test system for automatic test of power filters

2009: Launch of T1000/T2000, the primary injection kit which can provide 120s output time at 1000A

2009: Launch of TD4000A, which can continuously supply 4000A DC current for testing DC type CT

2010: Launch of PCT200i, new generation of CT/PT Tester

2010: Launch of PNS series handheld digital signal analyzer for intelligent substation maintenance 

2010: Launch of new generation PNF801 portable Fiber Digital relay tester with 8 fiber optical ports   

2010: Launch of SSCS, the solid state composite switch for improving the performance of capacitor bank control

2010: Launch of LVRT (Low voltage ride through)

2011: Launch of APF (Active Power Filter)

2011: Launch of STATCOM (Static compensator)

2012: Launch of Merging Unit(MU) Tester

2012Launch of NF802 Intelligent Relay Tester 

2013Launch of PNS610 digital signal analyzer

2013Launch of PW40i,new-3-phase relay test set specially for G59 testing solution