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PONOVO relay test sets used in national relay skill competition

In September 2009, after 16th and 17th two days of intense written examination and On-site hands-race, the State Grid Corporation relay protection professional knowledge and skills competition achieved a successful and satisfactory ending. East China Power Grid Co., Ltd., and other five companies respectively gained first, second and third prizes; Zhang Ying and other nine players were awarded the "State Grid Corporation technical experts"; and Jiangsu Province Power Company and other five firms won the “Outstanding Organization Award”. Deputy General Manager of State Grid Corporation Luanjun and other leaders attended the closing ceremony held on the 18th, and issued the “Awards and honorary certificates” to the award-winning units and individuals, Deputy General Manager Luanjun at the closing ceremony made an important speech.

This contest is the first skill competition held by State Grid Corporation of safety in production line areas of expertise in this year, and also an important part of State Grid Corporation Series race. State Grid Corporation shows great attention from top to bottom, in order to hold this contest successfully, different units in the State Grid Corporation System held totally 43 terms training classes. There are more than 1,600 persons attended the training program, and the training program held various competitions 19 times, through the layers of selection, the best players were selected from the Power grid dispatch department, Test operation and maintenance departments and research institutes, directly under the plant to participate in this contest. The purposes such as encouraging enterprises training and selection of high-skilled personnel, and improving vocational skills were achieved. 
As the only designated relay testing equipment supplier for this competition, PONOVO provided 15 numbers of PW31E. Our tester used in the race all worked normally, without any fault, and completed the competition tasks successfully.
It is our honor of PONOVO to play an important role in such a large scale race held by State Grid Corporation; It is our pride of PONOVO to fulfill the mission and complete task successfully. Practice has proved that the brand is worthy of choice and trust.
Competition results (Group Award)
  • First Prize: East China Power Grid Co., Ltd.
  • Second Prize: Chongqing Electric Power Corporation, Zhejiang Electric Power Company
  • Third Prize: Shandong Provincial Electric Power Company, Anhui Power Company, Jiangsu Provincial Power Company