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PWF-2T optical data converter won prize


March 18, 2009, the PWF-2T optical data converter developped by PONOVO  won the first 
prize of North China Power Grid scientific and technological achievements
The PWF-2T is used to work together with RTDS (Real Time Dynamic Simulation) system. It converts the ±10V analog output signal of RTDS into standard IEC61850-9-1 or IEC61850-9-2 sampling message. It has also in-built GOOSE interpretation facility and can convert the GOOSE format protective relay tripping signal into the contact format binary signal which RTDS can sense. 
The PWF-2T can expand the application of the exsiting RTDS system and makes it possible to test the both analog technology based protective relay and IEC61850 complied digital relay.
The PWF-2T has been successfully applied in North China Electrical Research Institute in Beijing China.
The device also obtained two national patents:
Patents of Invention: a power emulation signal conversion method and device (200910076086.5)

Utility model patent: a power emulation signal conversion device (200920104831.8)