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Development of Vietnamese market


                                                      CT Analyzer PCT200i

On 26th November, PONOVO engineers flight to Vietnam to develop the market with Vietnamese agent. During 26th to 30th, PONOVO engineer visited Leading Solution Company (LS), Electrical Testing And Research Joint Stock Company, LAS-XD Company, HCMC Green Power Company, Mien Dong 2 Company and Schneider Electric Vietnam. PONOVO engineer gave a presentation about PONOVO POWER COMPANY and PONOVO PRODUCT to potential customers of Vietnam. Through the presentation, these company staff began to know about PONOVO. Beside, engineer  did product demo to potential customers. The demo included CT Analyzer with PCT 200i, protection relay set 351 test with PW636i, local control with Pom2 3243. The demo made Vietnamese customers understand PONOVO products better and have interest in PONOVO products. After this business journey, PONOVO POWER COMPANY left a good impression to Vietnamese potential customers. It will play a very good role for PONOVO to develop the market of Vietnam in the future.