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IEC61850 training in Thailand
                                  MEA Training
Invited by the agent in Thailand, PONOVO attends the IEC61850 training and delivers the intelligent relay tester demonstration to the engineers from Metropolitan Electricity Authority and Provincial Electricity Authority in Bangkok in January 19-30, 2015. The training lasts for two weeks with two periods aimed at making attendees understand IEC61850 and know the applications of IEC61850 in digital substation as well as the operation of intelligent relay tester and related PONOVO test sets.
In the first period of the two days, the trainer Mr. Jeremy and engineer Wei give full instructions of the IEC61850 to the engineers of MEA and PEA and demonstrate the intelligent relay tester NF802 and portable analyzer PNS610 to have a face-to-face experiment. After the initial training, the engineers are becoming familiar with the standards and get a basic outline of the digital substations and the testers.
In the next eight days, our engineer is invited again by the MEA, PEA and the local users to make further explanations and demonstrations as they are willing to know about the services from PONOVO. The engineers have learnt the technical comparison between the traditional integrated tester PW636i and the full intelligent tester NF802 and are impressed by the fast and powerful data process of NF802. On the meeting, the PNS610 is popular among the engineers and is appraised by its strong capacity and easy operation. 
The newly launched PEV-100 Ultrasonic & TEV PD detector is also displayed in this schedule.
The electricity demand in Thailand is growing as the government has invested a lot in the infrastructure in recent years; this is a good chance for PONOVO to emerge into this market.
This training also sets a good start for PONOVO in this New Year. It’s our common hope PONOVO will work together with the agent to explore a big market share of the relay testers in Thailand.