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Seminar and training in Malaysia and Philippines
Since this year, PONOVO brings a new member of PW400 universal testing system, PW41i. This is specially designed for testing in power distribution level, with strong local testing functions. According to the propaganda and promotion of international marketing, the new kits have been sold in UK, South Korea and Philippines that gain a good reputation among the clients. 
In August, under the organization of local agent in Malaysia, PONOVO successfully delivered a seminar of PW41i to one of the greatest distribution company and other testing companies. 
During the seminar, the engineers showed a great interest in PW41i and consulted the operation and performance problems that were explained and performed by our engineers.
After the seminar, our engineers visited the relay suppliers such as SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER and local testing companies to give them a site introduction of the PW41i.
Our engineers came to Philippines after Malaysia seminar to give users training on PW41i. 
With this trip, on one hand, we have a better knowledge of the demands from the end-users, on the other hand, the users have a better understanding of our service and the performances of the new kit that will play an important role in our coming marketing.