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Visit MEE 2016 in Dubai and Give seminar in Oman
Every year Middle East Electricity welcomes thousands of top project decision makers, industry thought leaders and government policy makers from across the MENA regions. 
During 1st-3rd March, PONOVO presents on the MEE as the visitor and has important meetings with our partners from Middle East and North African to make a summary for the business in 2015 and discuss the cooperation in 2016.
We met our Iranian partner in Dubai. This agent was positive to the market development since the sanction was removed in the international market from last year. He said there would be a lot of main projects pending in last few years to be open again. The other good news was that our PW460 has been approved by one of main EPC company. Our engineer has made the demonstration of universal relay tester L336i and circuit breaker simulator PSS01 to them that they were impressed by its portability and good performances. 
We also met the partners from India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Oman and some other clients on the stands.
The customers of current transformer manufacturers had interest in our CT/PT tester in the fair.
As per invitation of Oman agent, we went to Muscat to help them give seminars and demos to their customers with the L336i and PCT200i.
The customers showed great interest in the CT/PT tester PCT200i for its combined functions of CT and PT testing compared to other brands.
This time, the customers were mainly the EPC companies and testing companies. After demos, they expressed to suggest their utilities clients to purchase PONOVO brand in future for its project purposes and welcome us to give more demos once it was required in future.
No matter in Oman or in what other countries of Middle East, PONOVO is making progress day by day and we expect there will be some more development in the coming days. 
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