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PONOVO has successfully finalized technical training for the customer in Manila, Philippines
PONOVO’s training engineer, Mr.Pu has been in Manila for 2-days technical training for the end user locally.
During the training, Mr.Pu gave detailed training of POM2-6143, PCT200i and T1000 to the users.
POM2-6143 is the new generation relay test sets launched by PONOVO since 2011. 
It is modular designed and with powerful local operation windows-based system, 10.4inch LED screen, as capable enough to do various relay testing applications.
PCT200i is the professional CT Analyzing system,which adopt new DC testing method, providing high safety for users when they are testing different kinds of CTs.
It is upgraded with the latest test standard based on IEC and IEEE.
T1000 is the primary injection set which could output 1000Aac continuously for 2 minutes, which is very unique feature without any other competitors.
After 2-days training, the customers get very known of the testing methods and software operations of the 3 test sets above.
PONOVO will be dedicated to offering more and more professional local training and remote online training for customers.
For joining our webinar, please send email to [email protected] for further information.