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PONOVO successfully demonstrate in South American areas
Invited by the agents, PONOVO is scheduled to give presentations and demonstrations among the customers in South America areas including Colombia, Ecuador and Chile and also meet the agent from other country. 
In Colombia, PONOVO engineers tripped to Bogota, Medellin and Cali and visited the electrical utility companies, the main EPC contractor and commissioning companies to show them the unique PONOVO tester L336i. The engineers not only impressed by PONOVO templates solutions, but also showed great interested in the digital relay tester and substations applied in China, and hoped to learn more about the smart grid from us. PONOVO engineers were also invited by the users to give them some training with the kit and gave the instructions how to make test with PONOVO templates to efficient its site testing.
In next week, our engineers flew to Ecuador and Chile to make further presentations to the clients there. Among the demos, most of the clients gave high comments on the friendly software operation and the flexible testing methods. After this visit, some clients expressed they would put PONOVO brand in their procurement list in future. 
With face-to-face meeting and demos with the customers, it cleared the doubts about the after-sales service from the local users and convinced them service localization and flexible technical supports from local agent and PONOVO simultaneously.