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PONOVO has successfully attended the Electra Mining Africa 2018 during 10th to 14th September in Johnanersburg South Africa.

PONOVO has successfully attended the Electra Mining Africa 2018 during 10th to 14th September in Johnanersburg South Africa.

Thanks for all lovely customers came to visit us in our agent(LeadHV)’s booth and meet with us together.

A plenty of great communication and discussion has been done during the show.

PONOVO shall continue to do our best to give best support to all our clients in Africa.










The following products has been presented in the show.


1. L336i: The smallest and lightest protection relay test set in the world.

It is only 8.6kg, with 2 version, one is standard version with 6*15A and 4*300V, the other version is with 3*20A and 4*300V. Both of them support laptop control and Cellphone App control(support both IOS system and Andriod system). It is definitely the best portable test solution for engineers who need to do field testing in different substations and power plants.


2. PW636i: One of the high-end and powerful protection relay test set in the world.

With 6*32A(3*64A/1*180A) and 4*300V output capability, PW636i is the best ideal protection relay test set for testing all kinds of relays, from old electric-magnetic relay, high impedance relay to the digital relays based on IEC61850. Besides relay testings, it could be used for testing transducer, energy meter, rogowiski coils, etc.


3. PCT200i: The best 2in1 test solution for CT and VT testing.

PCT200i is the best CT analyzer with additional VT testing function. It could be used for testing different kinds of CT with different classes, based on IEC60044-1/6, IEC61896-2, IEEE/ANSI C57.13, IS2705 standard. It owns the automatic assessment function so that user could directly check on the kit’s local LCD display screen to see the test result is PASS or Fail, which could save a lot of time especially in field testings. PCT200i support to use Switch box to test multi-ratio CTs without repeatedly rewiring.PCT200i could also be used for testing VT’s polarity, ratio, excitation. Its Report tool software could be installed on PC and support to use it to analyze, manage the reports and convert the report into excel. format.


4. T200A: The best universal single phase test set for secondary and primary testing.

T200A is with electronic and integrated design, support all kinds of single phase relay testing, basic CT/VT testings and other primary injection applications. It could output 250A continuously for 2 minutes, which is the unique feature that any other similar test sets could not do. There is no need to use external meters to help generating output together with the kit. For what output value the user would like to do, the user only need to select the test module in the local control software and set the value and run the testing directly. It shall be much more efficient especially in the filed testings.