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PONOVO’s Latin America Trip for technical training, seminar, exhibition and client visiting

In December 2018, PONOVO has won the bid for the protection tester project of Ecuador's Quito Power Company (EEQ). At the end of May 2019, according to the user's request, the technical and marketing personnel from International Department went to Ecuador for conducting the local technical training.

Taking advantage of this trip, representatives of PONOVO also offered local training for engineers of SIECT-T, a testing company who recently purchased PW636i, and visited CELEC EP, the largest power generation and transmission company in Ecuador, and other local testing companies. During the visit, local engineers showed great interest in PONOVO's L336i and PCT200i, laying a good foundation for subsequent cooperation.


After the trip in Ecuador, representatives from the International Department went to Mexico to participate in the 2019 Mexico International Power Show and exhibited the L336i, PCT200i and PGPS02 GPS accessories at the show. PONOVO's products have attracted the attention of many exhibition visiters, and have raised a series of inquiry about hardware and software. Many visitors have left contact information for subsequent communication and cooperation.


After the Mexican exhibition, at the invitation of the Chilean dealers, colleagues from the International Department continued to rush to Chile to participate in seminars organized by local distributors. At the meeting, the L336i and PCT200i are used for demonstration to many engineers. Through enthusiastic discussions and positive interactions, PONOVO's products and services have been recognized and appreciated by local customers.


During their stay in Chile, representatives of PONOVO teamed up with local distributor to travel to Transelec, the largest transmission company in the region, to present the L336i's powerful testing capabilities in the company's relay protection laboratory.


Above all, during the trip to Latin America, the International Department has gained a better understanding of the Latin American market through communication with customers. At the same time, it expanded the promotion of PONOVO products in Latin America, enabling more engineers to understand the “PONOVO” brand and related products. It also allows customers who have a wait-and-see attitude towards PONOVO products to interact with the products and lay the foundation for subsequent purchases.


PONOVO shall continue to contribute more efforts to serve for the customers in Latin America.