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PONOVO PA Series Power Amplifier

Best Application Assistant For Real-Time Digital Simulation System

High-accuracy input/output time delay: <20us

High-accuracy step response time: <20us

Extremely low harmonic distortion and Wide frequency range

Various Current/Voltage/Power output options




With more than 20 various power amplifier models and countless customized solution models, PONOVO’s power amplifier could be able to be suitable for different Real-time Simulation system application requirements.


Panel-mounted type


Portable type



Modular 4-Quadrant type





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On March 1 2019, Minister of Energy of Russia Aleksandr

"Power Electronization Characteristic Novak and Minister of Science and High Education of of Russia

Mikhail Kotyukov visited National Research University Moscow

Power Engineering Institute (MPEI)The representative, Aleksandr Voloshin introduced a research 
complex which contains RTDS simulator and Ponovo amplifiers to the Ministers. 
NR Group (State Grid Power Science Research Institute) 
Power Grid Control System Industrialization 
Experimental Capacity Building", the biggest simulation lab in China.