The Lightest and Smallest Relay Tester with 6 currents and 4 voltages - L336i

Relay testing equipment has long been associated with the heavy weight and the large size. So carrying the relay testing equipment to work site seems to be the job of men who are physically strong.
Now, here comes PONOVO’s L336i, the incomparable lightest and smallest relay test set. Small as it is, the little equipment is capable of dealing with all types of tasks which used to be conducted by big equipments. In that sense, PONOVO’s little but powerful L336i can live up to its reputation as a colossus.
  • Current sources: 6*15A 
  • Voltages: 4*150V 
  • Dimension: 256*110*395 mm 
  • Weight: 8.8 kg
By option, it can be upgraded to support the test of IEC61850 compatible protective relay.
Relay engineers highly appreciate it because by using of our test template, it can simplify their work in a large degree.
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