PNS630 hand-held IEC61850 network analyzer was designed for smart substation maintenance.
IEC61850-8-1(Goose), IEC61850-9-2, IEC60044-7/8 message can be monitored and analyzed, digital relay test function also equipped. SMV GOOSE message numerical and status analysis were realized and dispalyed visually by its numerical analyzing function.

1)     Support IEC 61850-9-2, IEC 60044-7/8 (FT3), GOOSE, IRIG-B and IEEE1588 standards.

2)     Support SCD, ICD, CID files analysis to get sampling value, sampling channel and GOOSE signal configuration.

3)     Support SCD displayed in graphics.

4)     Support SMV ang GOOSE monitor, and record the abnormal messages.

5)     Support IEC60044-7/8 (FT3) receving and sending. The baud rates 2.5Mbps, 5Mbps, 10Mbps is available.

6)     Support IEC 61850-9-2/9-2LE receiving and sending. ASDU 1-8 is available.

7)     Support message monitor and record (PCAP format) for analysis.

8)     Support network load analysis.

9)     Support phase check.

10)   Support IRIG-B and IEEE 1588 synchronization to provide time synchronization and clock source.

11)   Simulate MU to output IEC61850-9-2, IEC 60044-7/8 to test digital relays.

12)   Support IED time delay and SOE test.

13)   Support MU time delay test, synchronization and time test.

14)   Support to output messages in different flow.

15)   Support SMV in different status in maximum 10.

16)   Support DC testing to test digital voltage, CT and PT’s polarity.

17)   Support dBm test within -31dbm~-14dbm at wavelength 1310nm.

18)   Large LCD screen to operate.

19)   Chargeable battery for continuous working 6 hours above. 

Main Specifications



Optical Ports

2 ports to receive FT3 messages or receive IRIG-B code.

2 ports to send FT3 messages or send IRIG-B code.

Port Type: ST

Wavelength: 850nm, supporting baud rate 2.5M, 5M, 10M

Power ≥--15dBm


Optical Ethernet Ports

4 pairs of 100Mbps optical Ethernet.

Send or receive IEC61850-9-2 and GOOSE messages.

Port type: LC

Wavelength: 1310nm

Power ≥--20dBm


LAN port

100Mbps Ethernet

Port type: RJ-45


Input: 1 pair

Output: 1 pair

Micro SD card

Used to import configuration file, save record file and screen shot pictures.


Connect with PC or Pad.

Power socket

Inject power supply