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STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator, also known as SVG). It is an important device for FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System), which is the third generation of dynamic VAR compensation device after FC, MCR, and TCR type of SVC (Static VAR Compensator). Its appearance represents the application of most advanced technology for dynamic VAR compensation. 

☆ Fast response, able to implement dynamic compensation in real time.
☆ Effectively avoid parallel resonance.
☆ Be able to produce and absorb reactive power.
☆ Deliver less harmonic to system.

Main Specifications
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Rated frequency 50 Hz
Rated voltage 3kv/6kv/10kv/20kv/35kv
Rated capacity ±1 ~ ±18Mvar (ASVC–100)
±10 ~ ± 50Mvar (ASVC–200)
Rang of reactive power adjustment capacitive ~ inductive continuous smooth adjusting
Overload capability running time for overload of 1.15 ≥ 30min
Controller response time ≤ 1ms
Voltage output THD before connecting with grid THD < 5%
Current output THD < 4%
Voltage output unsymmetrical degree < 3%
Running efficiency ≥ 99%
Power cabinet dimension 1200×1000×2400 (W×D×H)
Startup cabinet dimension 1200×1000×2400 (W×D×H)
Control cabinet dimension 800×800×2260 (W×D×H)
Surroundings temperature  -40℃ ~ +50℃
Installation structure indoor/box-type
Cooling system forced air cooling (ASVC-100)/sealed water cooling (ASVC-200)
Designed lifetime 30 years