PAV120Bip - Portable
Real Time Simulation Amplifier
PAV120Bip is the portable six-phase real time simulation amplifier. This voltage amplifier is similar to PAV120Bi but it has small size and less weight.
Main Specifications


  6×0 ~ 120V RMS

  Max. Output power

  >60VA(120V output)

  Input signal

  0~5V RMS(±7.07/16Vpek)

  Voltage Accuracy


  Voltage Typical Accuracy

  < 0.05%

  Differential input             impedance

  20k ohm



  Harmonic Distortion Ratio




  Phase accuracy


  Frequency range


  Step response

  < 20us

  Input/output delay

  < 20us

  Power supply

  single phase 110V or 220V AC